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Ever since the company was established in 1976 in Imari city, Saga prefecture, which is famous for its pottery, we have worked to become one of the exclusive makers of dry type transformers, focusing on gyroscope for electrical mining equipments and winding technique of transformers. We continue to work on many types of transformers to contribute to the society. We take pride in the reliability and the quality of our accumulated technique especially in the field of building, factory, seacraft, and construction/engineering works power. In the recent years, while we continue to make transformers for general-purpose power sources, we have started to deal with K-factor transformers for high-tech electronic goods(for internet servers), at the same time keeping up with the world standards such as UL and CE for transformers. Especially as for the quality, we have acquired ISO9001 which is an international standard since its early stage, and our seacrafts are approved by each country’s inspection agency offices. We intend to continuously release products that satisfy customer needs that changes over time with the rapid development of technology. We hope to be of service to you even more as we make progress domestically and internationally.