Corporate profile

Main factory 5590-47 Otsubochootsu, Imari, Saga Prefecture, Japan 848-0022
TEL:0955-26-2558(Rep) FAX:0955-26-3083
Kanagawa Office
(Kanagawa factory)
1045 Kaneda, Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture 243-0807
TEL:046-225-7311 FAX:046-225-7312
Fukuoka Plant 1-9-18 Ushirono, Nakagawacho, Chikushi-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture 811-1241
TEL:092-953-8831 FAX:092-953-8832
Representative President & Representative Director: Sadayuki Yamada
Foundation October 1, 1976
(Incorporation May 1982)
Capital 40million Yen
Banks of account
Saga Bank Imari branch Savings account number: 1519049
Mizuho Bank Saga branch Savings account number: 1639178
Shinwa Bank Imari branch Savings account number: 0963895
Imari Credit Association Head office Savings account number: 0117633
Certifications and Approvals
●International Standards of ISO9001

(Main factory)
Dry-type transformer, molded transformer and transformer board design, development and manufacturing”
Certification Authority, Corporation, Class NK
Certification number: 98-138
●NK marine application office approved, Electronic goods mass production approved

Certification Authority, Corporation, Class NK
Certification number: 98CLQA83, 99B701E
●BV ModeⅡfactory approved “TransformerG0779”

Certification Authority: TUV SUD Japan Ltd.
Certification number: SWS.W.Ⅱ/1924/A.O
●EN Standards Certification (CE marking compliant product)
Certification Authority: TUV SUD Japan Ltd.
Type of transformer certification: single phase insulation B,H type
Three phase insulation H type
●UL Standards Certification(UL marking compliant product for U.S.A. and Canada)
Certification Authority: Underwriters Laboratories
Transformer: single phase, three phase insulation B,H type
File No.E222179
Insulation System: insulation B,H type
File No.E222180
Site area 29,811m2
Building 7,309m2
Employees 91 (Number of design testing staff: 20, Number of sales and materials administrative staff: 22, Number of plant staff: 49) As of April 1, 2020
Associated companies Hisano Tech Inc. (President & Representative Director: Fujio Sakaguchi)
5519-1 Otsubochootsu, Imari, Saga Prefecture 848-0022
TEL:0955-20-4150 FAX:0955-20-4151
Electronic equipment repair and sales(electric motor, pump, transformer, etc. ) insulator processing

H.H.C Ltd. (President & Representative Director: Tsutomu Uchida)
5-8 Otsubocho-aza-hei, Imari, Saga 848-0023 Japan
TEL:0955-26-2558 FAX:0955-26-3163
Purchase & sales of electronic materials and tasks of general affairs and accounting section of affiliated companies

TOKO Transformer Co.Ltd. (President & Representative Director: Yoshihide Onishi)
1-9-18 Ushirono, Nakagawacho, Chikushi-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture 811-1241
TEL:092-953-8831 FAX:092-953-8832
Small-sized transformer manufacturing and sales
Partner plants Small components, canning plants: 9
Voltage converter, winding plants: 2
Coating plants: 4


1976 October Founded Hisano Electric Industries privately (founder: Teruyoshi Hisano)
Subcontractor of generator, electric motor, transformer, and winding.
1980 August Newly builds a plant in the current location. Premises: 900m2, Two buildings: 240m2
1982 May Changed company name to Hisano Electric Works, Inc. and incorporated
Capitalized at 2,500,000 Started transformer manufacturing
1983 February Expands the plant. Premises: 1,400㎡, Two buildings: 340㎡
1984 March Expands the plant. Premises: 2,870㎡, Four buildings: 900㎡
Starts manufacturing generators for export.
July Capital increased to 10,000,000 Yen
1985 January Capital increased to 35,000,000 Yen
1986 September Stops manufacturing generators for export.
1987 July Founded Tokyo office
October Stops manufacturing generators and switches to manufacturing only voltage converters.
1989 May Founded TOKO Transformer Co.,Ltd. as manufacturing department for small-sized transformer
Established Fukuoka office within the same factory site
July Capitalized at 38,500,000 Yen(10% of free capita increase), in-house special System adopted
1993 August Moved Tokyo office from Nerima-ku to Kaneda, Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, and started as Kanagawa factory office
September Capita increased to 40,000,000
1996 February Founded Hisano Tech Co.,Ltd. as maintenance/repair department for motors
1998 October Class NK Corporation Marine application office approved (98CLQA83)
November International Standards of ISO9001 for quality assurance approved (NK-98-138)
1999 May Re-organized company from Hisano Tech Co.,Ltd. to Hisano Tech Ltd. and increased capital to 10,000,000 Yen
2000 May Hisano Tech Ltd. ‘s new factory completed
2001 November EN Standards(CE marking for Europe)third party approval acquired
2002 February UL Standards(for North America and Canada) thirs party approval acquired
2004 December Built large-scale transformer manufacturing factory in Otsubocho, Imari
2005 May Fujio Sakaguchi becomes the president and representative director
BV(French ship’s classification) Mode Factory approval
2009 February Sadao Yamada becomes the representative executive director. Number of representative becomes two.
2012 June Established HHC Co., Ltd. (Kuno Holding Company) as a holding company.
September New factory site preparation starts(approx. 9802.27㎡)
2014 October Started construction of new company building factory Construction: Matsuo Construction Co., Ltd.
2015 April Completed new company building Total area (4,197, 80㎡)
May President and representative director Fujio Sakaguchi retired and Sadayuki Yamada, who was representative executive director, was appointed as president and representative director. Became the single board member.